Best Doctors

Best Doctors

How to find a good doctor? We often encounter this problem when an abnormal health situation occurs. Finding a good doctor is not an easy task. How to act in this case if you are an ordinary patient? There are different options.

How to find a good doctor?

A good doctor is usually a specialist in evidence-based medicine

This means that he or she makes decisions about diagnosis and treatment based on scientific research, their effectiveness and safety. Hundreds and thousands of studies bring together the guidelines and recommendations of the international medical communities, therefore there is no medicine that relies on the doctor’s particular view or centuries-old tradition.

The patient may be offered a choice of several treatment options that are equivalent from the point of view of the doctor. A partnership rather than a paternalistic approach is important: a person is actively involved in making decisions regarding his or her health.

A specialist with extensive experience, scientific degrees, high position or the one who is constantly showing on TV is not necessarily a good doctor

It is important that the doctor knows how to communicate and takes into account the thoughts and expectations of the patient, but a gentle and polite doctor who at the same time prescribes everything you want is a dubious choice.

Excessive examinations, too many drugs for treatment are not at all indicative of quality medical care and the care of a doctor. The quality of communication between the doctor and the patient is an extremely complex topic.

Do not ignore signs of substandard medicine

You should find another specialist if your doctor does not support vaccination, prescribes questionable examinations (diagnosis of total food intolerance), makes non-existent diagnoses (reactive pancreatitis, dysbacteriosis, sugar dependence), prescribes drugs with unproven effectiveness (nootropics, hepatoprotective drugs), promises to increase immunity or speed up metabolism, recommends outdated or incorrect dietary therapy or a unique author’s method of losing weight.

If you are looking for a doctor, ask not just acquaintances but doctors you know

Perhaps you even need to look not for a specific doctor but for a medical institution where the best forces are concentrated in this area.

This can be a large public clinic or department, departmental hospital or private clinic.

The doctor is bad if the patient did not feel better after an appointment

One of the fundamental principles of evidence-based medicine is that all decisions must be made in the interests of the patient. Therefore, mutual understanding and mutual trust are so important. This includes explaining everything to the patient in an accessible human language.

The human body is an extremely complicated thing

The diagnosis is not always obvious, the treatment does not always bring the results immediately. Do not be afraid of those doctors who are honest with you and say that they do not understand something and need more time. Let’s listen and hear each other.

Use Best Doctors service

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It’s recommended to use Best Doctors when you:

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To use the service, you need to submit your request online by using the Best Doctors mobile app or by calling 1-866-904-0910.