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Senior Care Houses in the USA

Everyone knows that nursing homes are quite popular in the United States especially when watching American films. Older people are offered full board, care and treatment. The popularity of nursing homes in the United States is caused due to several factors.

The stay of different generations in the same house has long sunk into oblivion. It is met quite rare. Children leave their parental home early, often move within the country to work, and there is simply no time for caring for a sick person. In addition, the perception of older people is significantly different in the United States and CIS countries.

In the US, people retire at the age of 65. This means that the period of active life is significantly longer than in people living in CIS countries. People aged 50-70 years often work, and have a decent income, expensive cars. It belongs to middle-class pensioners.

Also, the appearance of the pensioners is significantly different. These are not grandparents who wear Soviet-era clothes. American senior citizens are often dressed in sportswear. Their clothes are pretty high-quality. They go shopping, go to restaurants and play golf. A high level of medicine and healthy lifestyle habits minimize age-related changes.Senior Care Houses in the USA

Also in the US, sitting with grandchildren is not popular. Babysitting is a job that must be paid, so emigrants from Europe and Asia are often disappointed when their parents are refused a visa. They specify the purpose of the visit is assistance in caring for a grandchild.

Thus, American retirees who do not have serious health problems can live their own pleasure – a home loan has already been paid, a good car, travel and outdoor activities.

In the case when a person is no longer able to live independently for various reasons, the senior care house comes to the rescue. Accommodation is paid either by the person himself, his family, or, in the case of small savings. Patient’s property is sold and the money received goes to pay for accommodation and treatment. There are also government programs.

Prices are very different. The more expensive the higher the quality is. The cost of living in some houses is about $3540 per month. Few families can afford to pay their parents such accommodation and services.