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There are several state medical programs In the United States that are aimed at helping senior people and other categories of citizens who are socially vulnerable. The most common programs are Medicaid and Medicare.

Medicaid Program

The Medicaid Program is supported by the federal government as well as the government of each state. The main goal of this program is to support low-income people. In fact, each state in the country has its own Medicaid. On the one hand, such an organization is convenient, on the other hand, it causes some problems in managing the system.

To get help with this program, you need to collect the necessary documents confirming that the financial situation of a particular person is below the level defined for a particular state.

If a person confirms his or her low income, Medicaid will be able to provide five types of medical services, including:

  • laboratory diagnostics;
  • radiological research methods;
  • stay in a nursing home;
  • consultations of various specialists;
  • inpatient and outpatient treatment.

Medicare Program

Unlike Medicaid, this project was created with the goal of working with citizens of retirement age who want to solve health problems. This program has a completely different line of financing. The program exists entirely on funds deducted from corporate income tax, progressive income tax and payroll tax.

Thanks to Medicare, hospital systems in the U.S. receive part of their income. Approximately half of the budget of these institutions is revenues from Medicare.

Medicare has a slightly different line of services because the program serves older Americans and solves their health problems. So, most often the program is used in order to receive any preventive services, undergo inpatient treatment or to be able to call a doctor at home to perform some kind of therapeutic procedures. Also, it allows individuals to undergo a diagnostic examination or spend a short period of time in a nursing home.

Unfortunately, the program does not provide for lengthy hospitalization and is not designed for disabled pensioners who need medication or medical equipment. But there are other programs for this category of citizens supported by the charity.

Now the program is experiencing difficulties associated with the globally proven population aging, when the proportion of people of retirement age increases significantly, and the number of able-bodied people decreases. However, the program is not minimized because of this.

The state is trying to reduce the cost of medicine by supporting the introduction of modern technology achievements in the healthcare system.

Long-term care insurance

In addition, many senior care centers offer long-term care insurance, which is the best way to financially prepare for long term care, when a senior’s needs are non-medical and cannot be covered by Medicare or Medicaid. For details, you should contact a particular center which you are interested in.