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Home Care vs Senior Care

Caring for the elderly is not an easy but very serious matter. It requires not only endurance and patience but also the ability to find contact with a person. With age, the character of people does not change for the better. An elderly person, tired of feeling sick and lonely, has difficulty to control his/her mood. Often, older people become too sensitive, suspicious, depressed. Therefore, a person who is dedicated to caring for the elderly should be a subtle psychologist with resistance to stress and endurance.

A person who decides to work with such people should be physically strong, know everything about caring for bedridden patients, be able to properly prepare special diet food, have the skills to carry out all necessary hygiene procedures, etc.

In addition, like young children, older people require attention around the clock. Often age-related changes and diseases make people completely helpless. Young relatives are torn between the need to live their own lives and help an elderly person. Such assistance is not temporary, but unlimited in time. When your loved ones need special care, you should be ready the situation will not be improved, even over time, more energy, time and attention will be required. This is a very difficult situation in which the most effective and optimal solution is to entrust the care to professionals.home care vs senior care

Professional care services for the elderly

There are two approaches of professional care: home care vs senior care. Both options have advantages and disadvantages.


A domiciliary nurse is usually a qualified nurse who has undergone special training and knows all the details of caring for older people. It is not an easy job. It can be done for those who have not only education but also special personal qualities: patience, hard work, sense of humor, compassion and sincerity. This combination is rare because there are not so many really good carers. Nurses can be either coming (hourly pay) or live-in (with a fixed check for a certain period of time).

Advantages. The advantage of patronage services is its flexibility. The nurse comes to the house, which means that the patient does not need to move anywhere. This can be a significant plus – many older people are categorically against any major changes, especially a change of residence.

Disadvantages. Many people feel uncomfortable when a stranger is constantly present in their house. After all, the nurse will really have to spend a lot of time in your apartment. However, this problem does not matter if an elderly relative lives separately. You need to be prepared for the fact that a carefully selected nurse may for some reason not suit you or she will not have a relationship with the patient, and then the whole search process will have to start all over again. Finally, the most important difficulty is the question of trust. You must be absolutely confident in the caregiver, in her honesty, integrity and professionalism. This is a person who will spend a lot of time alone with a helpless person. Often no one will control the work. Good recommendations and the selection of a nurse through a specialized agency whose responsibility is to check all employees will help cope with this problem.

Specialized senior care establishments

Senior care clinics provide elderly care services. A modern senior house is a kind of comfortable country hotel. Typically, such houses are located in the suburbs, in green and quiet places, but not too far from the city, so that it would be convenient for relatives to visit their close people.

Private senior clinics provide not only accommodation and care. They are specially equipped for older people with disabilities and offer a very wide range of social services. In addition, patients have the opportunity to return to society again. Isolation of older people from society is a very acute problem because longing and loneliness deplete vitality faster than any disease. In private nursing homes, people can socialize and have fun. In such places, much attention is paid to cultural programs, concerts, picnics are regularly held, master classes on various types of art and crafts, film screenings and music evenings as well.

In Western countries, the system of senior care complexes is very developed. In the USA, the bill goes to tens of thousands, and in any European country, there are at least several thousand comfortable establishments for the elderly. By the way, the cost of staying in European senior care houses is much higher than in similar American institutions.

Advantages. Senior Care Houses have the necessary complex equipment, which is simply impossible to set up at home: wheelchair ramps, handrails, etc. The nurse at home can only provide life support and basic comfort when in senior care houses much attention is paid to improving the quality of life: chefs are developing a useful and varied menu, and the peer society gives the opportunity to feel like a full-fledged person again. The staff allows you to choose a flexible program designed for any needs and capabilities of patients. The stay may be limited to a few days, weeks or months. It is also possible to live permanently in a senior care house.

Disadvantages. Over the past 10 years, senior care houses have been gaining popularity, new departments are regularly establishing. Today, the choice is already quite large. Therefore, in order to find the perfect place for your family member, you will have to spend some time in searching. You should not choose a senior care house, limited only to surf the website, for example. Be sure to visit the place, see the surrounding, talk with the staff and, if possible, with other patients. Another disadvantage of such houses is more psychological than practical. Older people are not always enthusiastic about the idea of moving to such a place. Therefore, if there is such an opportunity, it is worth bringing a relative for examination as well so that he can evaluate the living conditions.